I'm going on a humongous long trip, what can I bring? Ideas?(:

I am flying out of SLC to Georgia and staying a night Then going to Pensacola, Florida, then Panama City, Florida, then driving to Michigan from there! What should I bring?


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  • google "packing list" or something like that.


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  • Assuming you're doing all this in the summer, here's what I'd bring if I was you:

    1. Toiletries. Always bring those. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb/brush, towel.

    2. If it's 2 weeks or less: enough clothes for every day, plus a few just in case something happens. If it's more than 2 weeks: 1 week's worth of clothes. You'll be doing laundry anyway.

    3. Entertainment. An e-reader, laptop, psp, whatever. I don't recommend paper books - you don't want to bring 5-6 books with you, and there's a chance that you'll end up reading everything and being bored if you bring less.

    4. Swimming suit.

    5. The various things you carry with you anyway - wallet, phone, etc.

    6. Rain jacket.


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  • How should I know what you need/want

    • What are ideas for the car? Thanks tard.

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    • Do you not mean "Our-tard". As to make it sound like "R-tard". When it actuality you meant to say "retard". Except for in this sense you calling her a retard does not make sense since she is not repeating the action over and over again therefore negating your insult.

    • in actuality*

  • ipod, music for sure




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