What hairstyles should I get? I have a round face!

What do I do!

What hairstyles should I get. I hate my round face!

I'm not obese I'm on the charts but I still have a round face and you would think I was x2 the weight then I really am and I hate it -_- What can I do?


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  • My Sister has a round face and curly hair.

    Refrain from fringes, get long bangs.

    Straight hair also elongates the face.

    • I have straight hair that reaches to about below the breast.

      I updo it right now and that helps alout I put it in a small " pouf" its not volumized I just put it up and make sure its perfect ;)

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    • Im sending you a friend request so we can talk about this haaha :P

    • haha no worry'z

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  • Most beautiful girls have round faces. you shouldn't hate it. just grow a long hair like salena Gomez

    • I have really long hair , What bang styles then?

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  • for round fces, short hair is usually better

  • Long face is cute! I have an ugly square face, be glad you're girlie and cute!

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