I am a black woman with natural hair, am I getting too much of a trim or should I stop flat ironing my hair?

OK I am African American who has natural long hair and its 9 to 9 1/2 inches long, but I predicted my hair to be down to 12 inches by now! Now I get my hair flat iron once a month, but I do not flat iron my hair everyday! Do you ladies think I should stop flat iron my hair once a month and go every 3 months and see if that helps or could it be that my hair stylists is cutting to much for my trim when he trims my hair every 3 months? I just need to know this ladies! Thank you!


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  • I am not black, but I have very thick, curly hair. I used to flat iron it every day and for the most part it was still healthy, but it took a long time to notice any growth...yet I still had to color my roots. Flat irons cause breakage on the ends. I started leaving my hair curly about half to two/thirds of the time and my hair has grown a lot in the past 6 months or so. Also, there are vitamins with collagen in them that you can take to help. They make your hair, skin, and nail cells healthier and make them grow faster.

    • Yeah I notice that's thing! I don't flat iron my hair everyday only once a month! So I treated mostly with natural oils and take vitamins as well! So I don't know if the hairstlyists is cutting to much when I go get a trim or what? lol

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  • hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month but you may not be seeing growth if you are experiencing breakage. I mean your hair is growing but it won't look like it grew if you lost inches due to breakage. a lot of black salons are very scissor happy. if you have no splits then they don't need to be cut. maybe he chopped off your growth when you had no splits?

  • I'm natural too, and I suggest you stop flat ironing for a while. That could make a big difference seeing as you're not putting heat on your hair. I will also suggest you use natural products in your hair.

    • Yeah I use natural products already! I only flat iron only once a month not often at all! So I know for a fact its not the flat iron! Because I rarely did it only once a month! I have knew people who are natural flat iron there hair every two weeks and that's not good so! I know for a fact he cut my two inches off my hair because I had got my hair trimmed 3 months ago and it was 10 inches and my hair washer said my hair grew since then and every time they say that, they want to cut my hair!

    • It was 9 inches of hair length when he finished cutting my hair and my hair stylists saw my hair grew a lot along with the hair washer, so I know for a fact they cut off my two inches of hair growth just like that, because I really measured it the last time and 3 months it grew alot! I only use olive oil rosemary leaves, coconut oil, and beautiful curls leave in conditioner from wholes food! Along with garlic supplements and all that is good for my hair! So I know he chopped my hair off!

    • And the people who flat iron their hair every two weeks and their hair was longer than 10 inches!

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