Should I text him again?

I want to text my guy friend again after not texting him for a while since he knows that I like him. He told a friend of mine that he is staying away from me so I don't get the wrong feelings, so from then on I stop texting him. I want to text to him as a friend and nothing more to see how he is doing or just chit chat. I know he won't like me so I gave up on him liking me. I somewhat still like him, but I won't show any signs. But I was thinking if I do text him will he think I still like him and start to avoid me again like before? What should I do?


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  • Let him know that you don't expect anything more than friendship with him, but you miss talking to him. I find that, with guys, you need to just come out and say it. Let him know tht you know he doesn't feel that way about you and you are fine with it, but don't wanna lose his friendship over this.

    • im not that type of person that really speak my mind and I'm scared of the outcome. it might nto be what I expected and everything will be ruin. I met him like last summer and we got somewhat close but everything changed once he found out I liked him

    • that would probably work

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  • Yes he will think you still like him. Been in his shoes before. Guys are a little more forgiving on this topic. I've also tried to talk to girls when I went through what you're doing. They always think I'm after them.

    Stop texting him for a while. Try to talk to other guys. Then he'll get the hint.

    • i stop texting him for 4 months with an actual talk. the last time was his birthday

  • Text him and if he does not reply or he takes a long time to reply then you know he really wants nothing to do with you. You never know until you try!

    • i did hang out with him last night with a bunch of people. he seem like he's not avoiding me like before

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  • I think you should just drop it and him because I know you say you want to be friends, but that's not what you really want. and he's right to keep his distance.


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