I am not an attractive guy, what can I do to date beautiful women?

How should I approach women? Is it okay to approach strangers on the street? What are the best places to approach women?

I am anything but physically attractive. Although there is a saying that 3's should go with 3's and 10's should go with 10's, I feel it in my blood to try and defy the norm..what are my chances? Would it help to do plastic surgery? Would it help to be super rich and drive nice cars?


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  • If you want a meaningful relationship, then you'd have to like the woman's personality anyways, it won't last long unless you can find a connection. Amd by the time you get to know a woman properly, you'll start overlooking certain aspect of her appearance. You'll realize that looks are only part of the picture when it comes to relationships.

    If you just want hook ups, then you'll have to try harder. Start working out, etc. yo improve your appearance. When women look for one night stands, there are only a few things important to them, including looks and bedroom performance. When a woman meets you in a situation when she's looking for a hook up e.g.,in a bar, and finds you appealing enough to keep a conversation going with you, she'll start wondering about how well you'll be able to perfrom. That'll be the main thing on her mind. Usually, she'll decide within a few minutes if she wants you to come home with her. You have to appear confident to reassure her of your abilities, be well groomed, clean, and generally well dressed. Don't go out looking scruffy expecting to score. Be generous, offer to buy her drinks, don't be rude. Don't try to make stupid jokes, don't say things with sexual double-meanings, i.e. don't act sexually agressive, it's off putting. You don't need to remind or be too straight forward of your intentions with women, they know exactly whay you want and what they want.

    Another way to get with a certain type of women, is to be very wealthy. But then you can only expect women to be with you, because of your money, which doesn't make you special to them any way; a golddigger will jump for any opportunity to be with a man who is richer than you.


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  • Chances? Good since you're a guy so you get the benefit of being able to seriously date and have relationships with more attractive partners. Plus women overlook appearances if they like you.

    Plastic surgery? Would make it way easier.

    Super rich with nice cars? Then it'd be child's play.

    However what you probably want to hear is that there is some beautiful woman who will love you for you and overlook your looks & be attracted to you despite the fact you wouldn't overlook her appearance.

    • So if I were just some random ugly guy, I go up to a girl and try to start a conversation, I would or would not be able to make a connection? I guess it would all depend on the circumstances right? Certainly my chances wouldn't be as good as the good looking guy...almost as if I have to make a PLOT to produce anything relationship...?

    • You may make a connection if she's desperate, really nice, finds ugly sexy, or doesn't care for looks.

      It wouldn't depend on circumstance but how much this girl values physical attraction over interest.

      Your chances wouldn't be as good as the good looking guy.

      You wouldn't have to plot just keeping asking girls until you get a yes.

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  • super rich works for sure, but down to earth and hard working also may be effective. but ya, lot of money is surefire

    • Which do they prefer: good looks with average money...or bad looks/super rich?

  • Make lots of money.


  • What you can do is lower your standards for beauty. Look beyond just the looks. Plastic surgery won't help much at all. Being rich and driving nice cars will certainly help, but keep in mind they are with you for your money, not for you as a person.

    • I appreciate the advice. But what if my desire is to break the norm? Lowering my standard would mean moving my number down. So if I were a 3, I would have to approach 3, rather than away. But wouldn't I be doing myself an injustice. I know mother nature dictates certain things in life, and it is exactly that I want to go against.

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