How to know if a guy feels attracted to you or thinks you're pretty?

Without asking him of course, are there any signs?


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  • We try not to let you know so this would be difficult.

    But here are some clues

    1. He's randomly around. We find reasons to be around girls were attracted to.

    2. We try and be funny. Were told you like this so we try.

    3. We have a certain look. Its the same look we have for a farrari. The look of want

    4. We will pay attention when you talk. You have no idea how hard it is to stop talking and listen.

    Anyway in your case, yes he is attracted to you. Your hot and 8 out of 10 guys will think your attractive.

    But really its your attitude that makes us really like girls.


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  • Here's a guess: how do your conversations go?

    If they have the depth of a puddle, watch out.

    But, then, some guys/girls can't go deeper than that.

    Would you want them?

  • irina, any man would fall for your looks, just try and be fun to be around... you are drop dead gorgeous.

  • In your case. The answer is just yes. He does.


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