Tips for my first relationship?

Hi, I'm in the first few days of my first serious relationship, and I was hoping for some dos/don'ts to help me along?

I just really want to make this work, so yeah... any help is appreciated.


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  • Some things that guys often forget:

    -Remember to PLAN. Make sure you're the one who is planning exciting and fun dates all the time, and don't leave it up to her. Try to do different things, and take her OUT. Don't just lounge around at home watching movies all the time, although that can be fun every once in a while. Just make sure she is never bored with you.

    -Occasionally do random, sweet things for her. For example, spontaneously bring her roses when you come to pick her up on a date. You don't always have to have a reason to remind her that she is special to you. Of course, don't do this all the time, as it will put a dent in your wallet. But occasionally never hurts. Once again, this will spark up the relationship.

    -Make sure you take initiative. I always end up dumping a guy if I'm always having to contact him first or make the first move in a relationship. Be the one taking the both of you to the next step. Don't wait for her to do it.

    -TELL her how you feel, and SHOW her how you feel. They are both equally important.

    -If you fight, don't ever let the fight last very long, and don't ever let her sleep on it. Call her, even if its the middle of the night, just to work it out. Keep her on the phone until things are settled.

    -To expand, don't be afraid of the words, "I'm sorry." They are key to any relationship. If you say these words when you are in the wrong, then your girlfriend will not only trust you and respect you more, but she will also be more comfortable saying those words when she is in the wrong.

    -Respect her body. Remember to work at HER pace when it comes to the physical stuff, and never pressure her in any way.

    -Pay attention to, and remember, the little things she says. My boyfriend always changes the radio when he knows that a song I dislike is on, and it means a lot.

    Some examples of fun, cheap dates:

    -Make a picnic and share it with her at the park.

    -Make your own drive-in movie, using a bedsheet, a projector, and your garage door. Sit your car in the garage and watch the movie with her. A little popcorn doesn't hurt.

    -My boyfriend once combined the two above. He got a movie on his iPad (but a laptop works too) and took me out to a local park, where we had a picnic dinner and watched a movie. How much did it cost him? Zero dollars. But I had a blast, and I thought it was really cute.

    -Putt-putt golf is always cute. It costs some money, but if you can find a cheap place, go for it.

    -Find the beauty in gift cards. If you have a gift card to a restaurant, then use it with her if you don't think she'll be offended. My boyfriend and I used my gift card to a nice restaurant for Valentines Day dinner. We also used our gift card to Coldstones for an ice cream dessert. Start asking your relatives for gift cards to these places for birthdays/holidays.

    -If you live in a college town or near a college, oftentimes there are things to do nearby that are half-priced. For example, tonight I'm going to a two-dollar movie!


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  • Take initiative :) what I mean is, plan stuff for alone time. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALONE TIME because if you don't there's no point in the relationship.

    Dont be scared to make moves but don't rush it. But please, hold her hand, kiss her, etc. See how she reacts to stuff.

    Communicate openly. If there is a problem, tell her right away. Don't hold anything back and be honest.

    Compliment her and remind her how much she mans to you. Be thoughtful and considerate; if she's nervous for a test then help her study and reassure her. If she's scared comfort her. If she seems sad, act concerned.

    Make sure you aren't acting like you don't give a sh*t. But don't be smothering. If she's wants to have a girls day, let her. and don't drop your friends either. she might seem like everything right ow but friendships last forever.

    Oh that's another thing, be her best friend as well has her boyfriend. So make sure to have heart to hearts and fun hangouts, not just makeout time.

    Goodluck :) and don't be nervous be yourself but keep these tips in mind.

  • Do:

    - Keep her happy; doesn't mean you have to shower her with gifts every single day, just let her know that she means a lot to you

    - Have little jokes with her; things that make you both laugh. It will help you get to know her and also know where her boundaries are

    - Send her texts every now and again - I don't mean essays of your undying love, something like "good morning! I dreamt about you, I miss you xx" or something. Short, sweet, let her know she's on your mind without becoming her siamese twin.

    - Be respectful of her and her boundaries (already meantioned by someone else)

    - Talk about things and be honest; if she wants to know about a past relationship TELL HER! Otherwise it makes us think your hiding something and we end up snooping.

    - Be kind to her, and sweet to her.

    - "When a woman's puts her head on a man's chest, he means the world to her. When a man has a woman's head on his chest, he has the world"


    - Try not to be too protective over your phone/laptop - it makes us think your hiding another girl from us!

    - Don't act like your better than her all the time. If she's made a mistake and your right let her know sweetly; eg "oh hunny... I can see why you think that but it doesn't work like that. You're so cute! *hug* " Even if she's pissed at you, the massive cuddle will make her smile.

    - Don't treat other girls in your life the same/better than her. If you are scared of public affection and don't want to hug/hold her hand don't go hugging other girls in public either, especially around her!

    Those are all I could think of... not brilliant but I hope they help a little bit. To be honest, it will work if you a. want it to and b. if your personalities mesh :)

  • you should be yourself around her, be compassionate towards her feelings, be a good listener, let her know you're there for her, joke around sometimes and have fun :P , don't get too possessive or jealous... but then don't take it too easy like it's nothing, appreciate her, never judge her! don't go too fast, do not flirt around or cheat (duh)... GOOD LUCK! :)

  • Do:

    Be kind.

    Be respectful.

    Be honest.

    Have fun.

    Make an effort to spend time together. (but not 24/7!)

    Compromise if you can't agree on something initially.

    Be affectionate.


    Insult her or have a negative attitude toward her for no reason.

    Ignore her.

    Flirt with other girls.

    Make her feel used ever.

    Let yourself be walked over either.

    Compare her to other girls.

    Those are just some basics. I hope that helps :)

  • Be spontaneous

    Be respectful

    Be playful

    Be sweet

    Be funny

    Don't judge

    Don't make mean comments

    Don't ignore her

    Don't laugh when she embarrasses herself - unless she laughs too

  • be with her, but not to clingy, be her shoulder to cry on, compliment her on little things. and most of all, DONT CHEAT.

  • Here is one..don't cheat. No matter how badly you want to... don't do it. And tell her everything don't keep any secretss...also make her feel comfortable and invite her oveer to meet your a great boyfriend and always give her suprises kisses on the cheek or lips its romantic and also very cutee! Maybe even suprise her with roses...or have them sent to her house! :D

  • don't cheat

  • don't be too clingy that's a turn off. most people with their first bg/gf get too clingy

  • Make time for her,just be yourself and being loyal,caring and trustworthy doesn't hurt and even making her feel special sometimes too!


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