Does anyone have any tips for growing out black hair dye?

I've decided to grow out my black hair dye at this point. I don't have a lot of money and its much healthier on my hair. So far I got my hair colored a dark chocolate brown to blend it with the black which worked wonders, now my hair has faded the color and the black is still in most of my hair,i just have medium brown roots.
I m trying to grow my hair long as well. In a week I am going to winnipeg for a concert and I wanted to put highlights throughout the top of my hair should I wait til my hair is longer and the black hair dye is all out or should I do it now. I don't have enough money to get my hair stripped and do the highlights at this point in time but I was just thinking it might look cute.


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  • l'oral has the color oops something like that it strips what ever hair color you have which causes your hair to loose what ever pigment it has causing it to be orange yellow then dye you hair to what ever hair color you want I would recommend going on yt to get more info I have not tried the product but I have seen videos and they do say that the hair does not stay soft so you might want to get more info on it since it might change the texture in your hair and it runs arounf 8-$10 depending in your area


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  • to lighten hair you can put lemon juice in it and then sit out in the sun for a bit then wash your hair. it should lighten up a fair bit

    • If you do that it reallllyyy damages your hair, so IF you do, which I don't recommend, you should use deep conditioner when you wash your hair

  • Use a clarifying shampoo--which dries out your hair alot, :/ so I wouldn't recommend.

    &&There are tons of products that strip your hair dye out.


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