How can a girl make herself more attractive beside physically?

It seems guys like being friends with me, but I want them to be more attracted to me.

The guys tell me I look good, but I still remain in the friend zone.



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  • One thing that happens with a certain frequence is the girl who hangs around guys a lot, but plays it way too safe... giving each of the guys the exact same treatment, which makes them think "yeah she's not interested in any of us, guess we're all friendzoned". These girls prefer to wait for one of the guys to make a move, and limit themselves to just being there.

    If that's not your case, there are a few things you can do. IMO a girl who shows herself to be easygoing is attractive. Drama = bad. Teasing can be fun, as long as it's respectful enough and doesn't hit a sore spot. Maturity is definitely wanted, most guys don't want a spoiled or prejudiced woman by their side.

    If I were to list my girlfriend-material qualities, it'd look somewhat like this:




    Mindful of others

    And of course some degree of attraction is needed. Since you said you look good that shouldn't be a problem. ;)


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  • Yeah. When a girl is calm and reflective inside, it reflects in outside sexiness


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  • be really outgoing, makes him laugh


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