How can I get good looking women to go for me?

I'm the kind of guy that doesn't ask women out for any reason
Please limit your replies to constructive advice and not insults. Thank you
It's a litmus test, because I prefer independent women


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  • Put yourself out there maybe? You can't just sit back and expect good-looking women to flock to you. Especially when there are plenty of good-looking men who go after them, ask them out, and make them feel special. You have to put in at least some type of effort.

    • I do, by dressing clean and staying in good shape. As for sitting back, yes I can. Most women do the same thing

    • Well if you were having any luck with that strategy seems like you wouldn't be asking this question. If you aren't willing to take advice why seek it in the first place? Keep doing what your doing. Hope it works out for you some day!

    • See above

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  • Huh? I'm independent but if I saw a man standing in the corner not talking to anyone I'd think you were weird and not speak to you. It's a little odd to think that you're so good that people have to levitate to you. It's not a litmus test is it? You're shy and you think you're a quality catch perhaps? What girl wants to be with an arrogant and cocky weirdo. sorry just my take on it.

    • Well of course I think I'm a good catch

    • And I smile at women I like and will approach a woman if I'm really interested, but I'd never ask a woman out

  • I see nothing wrong with girls asking guys out, I've done it plenty of times myself and I still do it, I've been the one to initiate dates and relationships, but the vast majority of girls are not like me so if I were you I'd ask women you are interested in out on dates

    • I don't approach women either, and I'm not willing to.

  • I gotta say you've put yourself in a rather small pool, but if you're okay with that: be friendly, open and have a life and interests.

    • I won't approach women.

    • get out of it what you put in.

    • I agree, this is why women should make the first move, so that they prove they are worth the return of effort.

  • Why would anyone woman ask you out? Women don't appreciate men who are so arrogant. You will never find someone if you aren't willing to put yourself out there or get rejected every now and then. Isn't that part of the dating game? I believe that it doesn't matter if it's the man or the woman who ask each other out. If one is interested they should ask! Women are not going to fall into your lap just because you want or expect them to!

    • So it's arrogant for a man to want women to ask him out, but it's not arrogant for women to want that? That makes no sense.

    • No, I'm saying you seem arrogant, especially the way you are asking this question. I know they are plenty of women who just expect men to ask them out. If I sat and waited for a guy to ask me out, it would never happen. I have taken the initiative a few times, and have gotten rejected, so I understand how hard guys have it. It's tradition that males ask females out though. If you hav e a bad attitude about it, expect women to have the same attitude towards you!

    • Nah I don't have a bad attitude, I just think women should ask me out. That isn't a bad attitude

  • First, dress up like a woman. That will make sure all the females will look at you. Then, stand in the middle of the street and freeze. Don't move at all. Not one inch. This will ensure that all the good looking women will approach this frozen woman. Repeat as necessary. Before no time, you will be crawling with good looking woman, and you wouldn' t have had to move one finger. That is the secret. I am bestowing it upon you and you only.

    • .. I'm looking for serious advice.

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    • Wow,this was honestly pretty lame. Not even funny either.

    • I thought it was a little funny.

  • First find a women you like, then start talking to her. Get to know her and learn more about her. Then take a chance and ask her on a date. If you don't ask women out, then they aren't going to go for you because they don't know what a catch you really are.

  • How can you ask for constructive answers with such a stupid question: "I'm the kind of guy that doesn't ask women out for any reason". Then don't ask them, why would a good looking woman waste her time on someone with no humility.


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  • You don't.

    Do your daily thing for however long it suits you, and hope, and pray. See what the results are. Either be happy, or be miserable.

    Or just go to a bar/club. You'll get plenty of good-looking, trashy/drunk women hitting on you if you're decent looking yourself. You only said you wanted good-looking women, so it shouldn't be a problem if they're trashy.

    Invent a new technology that physically attracts women to you.

    Why would an independent woman want an insecure, self-involved and needy guy?

    • I agree, but obviously I am not needy or insecure. Needy people need people constantly around them, and are usually more likely to be outgoing. Independent, confident self-reliant people do things on their own because they don't need social validation

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    • You can lessen the risk of betrayal by making intelligent decisions about who you decide to trust. You get better at that by engaging in less serious levels of trust than the original betrayal you experienced. If it was at a young age, this shouldn't be too difficult.

      And if you do experience betrayal, why let it mess you up so badly? You DO have worth. Laugh/shrug/rage off their stupid decision to betray a good person. Maybe they betrayed you because they're consumed with pain as well.

    • I will still demand women pursue me. There is no reason I should have to ask women out. It's an outdated practice based in antiquated times and beliefs.

  • first get TONS AND TONS of money.

    next, roll up to a beautiful woman in an exotic sports car, OR a helicopter.

    finally, invite her to accompany you to a top notch caribbean resort.

  • I daresay it's not an IMPOSSIBLE scenario, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it happening, quite frankly (at least not anytime soon).

  • Just be yourself man don't change or pretend your someone your not. If she doesn't like you for you then she's not worth your time.

    • i agree with what he said

    • Right, and what if I am someone that doesn't approach women?

    • Well why don't you approach them? Maybe some of these girls are attracted to you but think your taken because you don't approach them.

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