Does your boyfriend or husband have ugly/normal/cute face?


Just Be honest , Does your boyfriend or husband have ugly/normal/cute face ?

what of your boyfriend or husband makes him sexy to you ?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • My fiance has a super cute baby face. Great sparkly eyes. He also has a great body. But what makes him most sexy is how much he adores me. I just don't find a guy sexy to any great degree if they don't find me attractive.

    I had an ex-boyfriend who I was very attracted to and he honestly was pretty unattractive as far as facial features. He had a smoking physique though and his personality definitely attracted me to him.


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What Girls Said 6

  • He has a handsome face, more than a cute one. He's very handsome, sexy, can be cute, funny, everything I need him to be. :)

  • mine has an ugly face ccording to my friends but I think its cute. I LOVE it he had green eyes and blond short hair he's tall and tan and has a GREAT body and butt. over all he's a real turn on

  • My boyfriend is damn hot! (: Really dark hair, defined jaw, pretty straight and white teeth, and most importantly BLUE EYES! DROOL! (:

  • His face is fucking ADORABLE. And he’s an amazing dom soo πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • My boyfriend has a cute face when he gets all confused.

  • He's tall, has light hair and light eyes, and he's really nice to me which makes me like him... But I love his arms and abs... he also has really REALLY hands... But what really makes me want him overall is how open his eyes seem... I can look in them and tell how much he loves me and wants me... <3

    • he has nice eye or nice look ?

    • I like how he looks, but it's really just a plus to his eyes... really light blue eyes... it just makes me want him when he's just staring at me...

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