What type of woman turns you on?

a confident one?swinging her hips;)

a gentle one?

a feisty one maybe?

name some qualities/traits?


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  • Posture! Posture! Posture! if she hunches over like the hunchback of ND then we have problem. Good train of thought. Try standing and walking upright as if you are balancing books on your head and your hips will follow. You'll look graceful, confident and sexy.

    other things

    Clear eyes,

    clear face,

    nice smile (no british smiles),

    nice shiny soft hair, (no crunch no dry YUCK!)

    A girl that is assertive but knows how to balance of femininity.

    Girl with a "Bob" hair cut.

    A girl that smells nice. like vanilla or something subtle. (no old lady powder perfume)

    French tip manicure.

    Shiny lipgloss that taste like some kind of fruit.

    no body hair where it shouldn't be...for example I went on a date with a girl and guess she used to shave. HER FACE! (yes she was a girl) But I could feel that roughness going the otherway on her face. OMG. I was morified, embarrassed , but I played it cool for the rest of the night. Needless to say she didn't get a call back, and the date ended after dinner.


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  • Wow to the comments below. Those are some pretty big/picky lists lol. I like the kind of girl who is fun to hang out with. If she likes guy things like football, action movies and can drink a beer every once in a while that's an added plus. I like dark hair for physical qualities.

  • A superb one. One that has her own personality and quad of acting, but isn't extremely predictable. So say a girl is more towards the reserved side of the spectrum, but isn't afraid to be bold and go out on a limb- that's awesome. Or an outgoing girl that can be calm, serious, and not so impulsive is cool too.

    So basically if she has her own character, but her character is diverse and not stagnant is why excites me. It would make me feel like I'm getting the best of all worlds.

  • Dark dark brunette, brown eyes, one that wants to sit by me and hold my hand. One that actually loves me. I don't look at a woman like a piece of meat, but there are definitely physical characteristics that turn guys on (nice butt, curves, breasts) but I really just want a woman that loves me, because if she does then I know I will love her. If she loves me she will be faithful and if she is, then I know I will be too. I'm not a fan of loud or vulgar girls, that seems shallow and slutty and that's not what I'm about. But I don't want her to be silent either, just chilled like me.

  • This is what I look for in a girl that is attractive enough to date. Beauty, brains, and compassion in general. I like them athletic (not neccesairly athletes but very active and fit like me), short, but stil with a little curves and a nice butt. Hair color doesn't matter nor does chest size as long as she has at least a b-cup. White skin or a latina mix. I find it incredibly attractive when a woman can hold a conversation with me and in a group, is a little sassy, but also very approachable and has those "sex-kitten" eyes. Confidence is huge. She has to be a lady in public and a whore for me in bed. Very good hygeine, no pubic hair (this is a must) or at least really trimmed landing strip. Gotta be able to trust her also...no crazy paty girls anymore. I find that a bit unattractive. I might seem picky but I have my standards. This is my ideal, not always the case, it doesn't mean that there are many women out there like this.

  • An intellectual, non-selfish one!


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