For guys and girls what attracts you more?

If you were a guy what attracts you to a girl to be your girlfriend her look or her personality

and if you were a girl what makes be a friend with a girl her look or her personality or what else?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say that the looks have their effect but at the end the personality is the major attraction for me! Add to it intelligence and kindness and the girl is PERFECT!

    I difinatly prefer to have an averaged looking girl with a great personality that matches mine! rather than having a Queen of beauty that is totally DUMB or MEAN! you get the point ;)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Looks cause initial attraction

    Personality will keep me around


What Girls Said 1

  • all at once. within ten minutes. looks with affect . wit. compassion. empathetic. candidness. intelligence. communication skills. ethics. trust worthy.

    i do not notice looks in isolation. no one does they just think they do. if you are in person you pick up a ton of other things about a person just from physically being near them.. a picture not so much.


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