What do you find attractive in a guy, girls?

What is the first thing that you notice about a guy.? About their physical appearance?


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  • I notice their face usually, than personality, their smile, and arms.


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  • I guess this is considered physical...but I LOVE guy's voices...certain ones especially. Can't really explain it though. And the generically attractive things: pretty eyes, a cute smile/smirk, tall, toned (doesn't have to be muscular). But it really depends on the person. (:

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    • Ha I guess so...but it doesn't really even have to be deep. If I'm into a guy I just love him talking to me and long phone calls and everything. Again...I still can't really explain it:/.

    • I love girlie voices. I love it when they laugh or cry, doesn't matter. Their voice is music to me. Same, can't explain it.

  • Personality:Sense of humor, willingness to commit, intelligent, playful, willing to compromise, loving, has good morals, and brave.

    Looks:Brown hair, brown eyes, tan, tall.

  • first thing I notice about their physical appearance is whatever stands out about them the most, good or bad...


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