Tell me your amazing skin care routine!

For a couple of years now, I've had random spurts of bad breakouts, mixed with a few months of great skin, and then back to having breakouts, but now it seems like I ALWAYS have at least two zits or more, it's quite annoying! right when I feel I have a handle on it, it comes right back, I just want a fool proof regimine to live by that will keep me cleared up! Has anyone experienced this? How did you fix it!? (specific product brands please). I have combination skin, sometimes it's oily in my t-zone and sometimes it's as dry as a desert. HELP!


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  • Well, I've never suffered from acne, but I do get the occasional spot, so I'll share with you what I do to try to avoid pimples!

    1.) I don't have any bangs. Bangs have oil in them and that spreads to your face causing, obviously, oil build up! If you do have bangs, either grow them out or wash them EVERY SINGLE DAY (which isn't healthy for your hair in the first place.)

    2.) I don't use regular foundation, I invested in an airbrushing system and let me tell you, it's been a GOD SEND for my skin. Every application is 100% sanitary and there is absolutely NO bacteria involved or clogging of your pores to create acne (now, if you can't afford the air brushing kit, wash your foundation brush EVERY NIGHT or wash your hands to apply foundation)

    3.) I don't use facial cleansers because they're too harsh and chemical-y. They make the face dry out and causes people to use even more harsh products to fix it! (moisturizers, etc) I wash my face with oatmeal- yes oatmeal. I take it in my hand and run my closed fist full of oatmeal under a LUKEWARM faucet getting them soaked, and then I rub them gently all over my face taking off the day's grime (I do this twice daily.) The oatmeal evens out skin tone and it naturally cleansing. It also exfoliates and doesn't dry out your face! (: I haven't used a real facial cleanser or moisturizer in WEEKS and my skin is amazing!

    4.) Wash your pillow case as much as possible!

    5.) Drink as much water as your body can hold. Forget 64 ounces, GO FOR MORE! I always have water with me- ALWAYS. In my car, in my bedroom, in the kitchen, everywhere! I gave up coke for lent and haven't had a carbonated beverage since then because they make me sick now. I drink un-caffeinated, un-sweetened tea, water, and all-natural smoothies with the occasional lemonade now. YUM! (:

    6.) Get 8+ hours of sleep every night. This gives your skin time to heal and rejuvenate.

    7.) Like I put in bold earlier, if you do wash your face, don't use cold water because it will close your pores before the cleanser can even work and don't use hot water because it's harsh, drying and will open your pores too much to where bacteria will get in. Use lukewarm water because that will be a neutral for your skin and will allow pore open-age without being crazy! (:

    8.) Eat right. Greasy foods will make your face exactly that. You truly are what you eat, so if you avoid dirty food- your face will clean itself up! (:

    9.) Workout. Working out increases circulation and improves your overall health. It's EXTREMELY important for a clear face.

    10.) Use facial masks every once in a while! Sometimes I make my own out of natural ingredients or I'll buy a nice one from the store. Don't use them too often. 1-2 a week is a good amount to go for!

    11.) Keep your stress level down. I've noticed that my skin gets WORSE during school, so try to relax and enjoy life.

    I hope this has been helpful! If you want more info, I get everything I know from Bubzbeauty on youtube! (:

    • OH! And try not to touch your face too much. Sometimes, I rest my head on my hand when I'm sitting and my cheeks come in contact with my hand that probably isn't the cleanest, so try to avoid touching your face with your hands unless they are freshly washed which usually lasts about 10 minutes after washing!

    • This should be best answer:D

    • Aww thank you! (:

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  • Well what I personally do is drink a lot of water, I work out every day, and I wash my face in the morning followed a short while later by facial moisturizers, which I repeat about half way through the day. At the end of the day I just rinse my face with water to wash away anything without making it too dry and causing pimples to form over night. That's just me though.

  • Ummm... you don't need to buy any products for skin care. Just eat healthy, avoid drinking milk (even tho milk is very healthy for you), shower every other day, and live an active life. Being inactive and sitting on your butt all day gives you a more likely chance to produce acne since you aren't getting that much blood flow. In fact, try going to the gym for an hour every day.


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  • link


    Hope any/some of these help (:

  • There's no such thing as "fool proof" if you have acne prone skin. Even the best products can't keep every pimple ever at bay.

    However, I went from severe to very mild acne in about two months using this: link

  • Ok, I have acne too so here's how I do my routine:

    In the morning:

    I wash my face with cetyphil anti-bacteria bar soap for sensitive skin $2-3

    I then use a Astringer that is similar to Clean and Clear's Astringer but it is by the Exchange Select cheap brand $2-$3

    Then I put on some SPF lotion that is similar to Oil of Olay but it is the store brand also so it's about $2-$3

    Then I will put make up on top after a few minutes of the lotion sinking in

    In the Evening:

    I will wash my face with the cetyphil bar soap again

    I will use the Astringer again

    Then I will put on the Benza clin that the doctor gave to me, all over my face. I got this for free with my health insurance covering everything :).

    After that I use the Olay brand night of olay firming cream. I am probably going to replace this with something more cheaper because I think this cost about $6 but I could probably get something else for half that price... hmmm

  • cleansing grape seed oil and healthy eating and exercise

  • Well are hormones are crazy so I still get pimples from time to time.. And I have oily skin so I have to be careful

    My skin care routine is.


    Wash my face with dermatilogica face cleanser

    Clean and clear morning burst

    Clean and Clear blackhead eraser

    Mostorize with Olay lotion for faces

    PM: ( Changes for when I need specific stuff )

    Dermatoliga face cleanser

    Dermatolica spray to " Stamp out breakouts "

    Exfoliate with St Ives Apricot exfoliator

    St Ives Green tea something ( forgot what it does )

    Dermotoligica exfoliator ( every 3rd day )

    Toner ( dermotilogica )

    Bedtime for breakouts ( dries out pimples or breakouts)

    Hit the spot ( It is for only one pimple. )

  • I wash my face with water. Amazing, isn't it?

  • co bigelow makes good facial soap


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