How to do my makeup for a long day?

So this weekend I'm going to this music festival and I'm gonna be there 10 hours one day then 15 hours the next. I need ideas on how to do my makeup (I know it's stupid) but anything will help. Also my boyfriend will be there and his mom too if that changes anything. Tell me your thoughts! Thanks:)


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  • primer. primer. PRIMER! and setting powder of course.

    wash you face thoroughly, dry by patting. I know this product at Walmart (it's on the new geo girl line, the one for 8-12 year olds, hear me out) called KEWL that helps to minimize the appearance of pores instantly, I recommend that if you are looking for staying power. this will keep you pores from eating your makeup then apply a face primer of your choice.

    if you are going to be using liquid foundation and a powder/mousse/mineral concealer (if you are using foundation at all) I advise using the foundation first.

    if both the concealer and the foundation are the same texture, it doesn't matter, do what you want.

    now setting powder. the finishing touches. powder the places that get oily easily. if you have dry skin, powder all over.

    since your bf's mom is going to be there I am assuming that you don't want to look like a tramp, correct? if you are planning on wearing eye shadow, I suggest neutral colors like soft browns or Forrest green. something that is nice and not out there like lime green or hot pink. if you like these colors, find a softer version. to decrease creasing in your shadow, use primer on you lids as well. if you are going to use a cream or liquid shadow, use a matte shadow of a similar color for more staying power.

    keep in mind that in some cases less is more. I don't know about your case but I trust that you are a good judge of makeup.

    hope I helped or gave you an idea!


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  • please don't paint your face on, I for one want to see a girl's beautiful face the way it is, not just the way it is after spending 45 minutes in front of a mirror :D

    • Oh I'm not a girl who wears a lot. I just want some tips on how to do my makeup naturally for a long day outside. I want it to be natural but still look cute.

    • well I personally don't think any girl under 18 needs makeup in the first place..

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  • If it was me, I would go super simple. I probably wouldn't wear any foundation, especially if it's hot and outside. Maybe go for a tinted sunscreen.

    Then some waterproof mascara, maybe a little blush and some fruity lipgloss - that's the most I would do.

  • Trade secret that works when you've applied your makeup close your eyes and spray your face lightly with hairspray... You can buy expensive setting sprays that keep your makeup on all day but this works just as well for a fraction of the cost!

  • the dudes and girls who say no makeup.

    I want to be a makeup artist...I don't wear alot...but I do sometimes when I feel creative..

    Like in my pics..i have some mascara and cherry red lipstick and bronzer...not

    But if you have bad skin..use foundation...if not... just use eye liner...mascara..and do a cat would look good on you. Use a little bronzer and pink lip would look really pretty.


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