What can I do for or change my style to become more approachable and nice looking?

I tend to not care about my appearance at school. I'll go with my hair looking a hot mess and in sweats all week if I want.

i don't always get my full 8hr sleep [usually 6hrs]

i don't wear make up. I don't really have so much acne (light) as much as acne scaring (quite a bit of that)

and I tend to wear shirts that I like more often than not.

i am not over-weight.

i have long curly hair that I am constantly being pressured to straiten (but I am not going to so please don't try to sway my opinion)

some could say that I am somewhat of a tomboyish girl.

please, suggestions are very welcome! thanks.


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  • Well, if you began to care about how you looked, that would be a pretty strong start.

    • haha I suppose I'll start with that, but do you have any ideas on refreshing my wardrobe ? I have little to none experience in this department.

    • I'm a guy, I have even less experience concerning clothing.

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What Guys Said 2

  • well, I wouldn't worry about makeup, I don't want girls to feel that they have to wear makeup to be presentable, I just want to see their beautiful faces. But I would get some clothes if I were you, depends on how you look, so I can't give too much advice, but not sweats, tight jeans if you think you will look good in those and form fitting t-shirts, or whatever you think makes you look good. Don't straighten your hair but maybe brush it so it's all going the same direction :D

  • Guys like casual. But there's a specific type of casual clothing they like.


    Yoga pants, leggings, tight shirts. Guys like these. Loose sweat pants ... not so much.

    Do you know what your best features are? And please don't say eyes. Possible choices are pretty much ass, breasts or legs.


What Girls Said 2

  • One step at a time. A sudden, major makeover can be overwhelming for you and your classmates. You don't need makeup to beautiful but a little mascara won't hurt. You should start with the clothes, add some cute tank tops and skirts to your usual outfit (don't throw all your clothes away). And maybe some cleansers so you'll have smooth skin.

  • Take pride in your appearance show people your happy with how you look... And a smile goes a ling way


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