Should I get a plastic surgery on my face? Or is that just crazy?

I'm really thinking about it. Being 24 and still haven't even kissed a girl yet, I think I need it really bad. I just went on a video cam site like omegle and was skipped by every girl that saw me for like an hour or more. I didn't even have one girl that stayed to talk to me and instead had to go through an hour long journey of skipping men have their d***s out. Not to mention I've never met a girl that really was attracted to me. And please don't say I need confidence, I've always had confidence in myself being an athletically fit guy, but confidence can only take you so far. If you don't have the looks, confidence is basically just a false hope.


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  • Do whatever you think is best, but remember, if you go through with it, there's no turning back!


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  • I think you should do nothing...

    leave your self as you are..

    I thought you have accident or bad injury on your face that required surgery otherwise leave it and live ...

  • Seriously, why call yourself ugly guy ? Haven't you heard of confirmation bias ?

    If you call yourself ugly, there is absolutely NO chance that someone would ever find you cute. Get over it.

    • Only on here. I don't go around calling myself ugly in real life.

  • is there something in specific you don't like about your face ? plastic surgery won't solve your problem unless you're for example ashamed of your nose and can't get over it, or you lips, the whole thing is quite expensive ...

    btw, what is your attitude when it comes to what you call 'ugly" girls ? would you date one ? seems like you're thinking too much about the looks, someone is gonna see through it someday, not saying she'll look like adriana lima though :p

    and if you're just feeling insecure about yourself don't do plastic surgery, not being able to recognize youself in the miror won't help

    • I've asked out women that were seen as "grenades" and "hyenas" by others and still shut down.

    • which shows that this has nothing to do with the way you look :) that must be something in your attitude!

    • My attitude is fine, which is why I've never had problems making friends. Ever friends with guys who are considered cool by girls and are players. I'm good with everyone in real life and never go around calling myself Ugly like in here. I just named myself Ugly Guy so people would help me answer my questions based on the fact that I'm ugly.

  • Let's see

  • No one should get plastic surgery on their face, that is just pathetic.

  • Calling yourself "Ugly-Guy" doesn't help. Change your attitude not your looks.

    • I've been called out ugly or eww by countless number of girls. Haven't met one girl that said I was attractive in real life.

    • I wouldn't care about their opinion, If I were you. Beauty is in the looks but attractiveness is in the attitude. Just don't care and appreciate what you've got. I've been attracted to below average guys (in the looks dept.) and I'm pretty.

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