Which type of beauty is most important to you?

Physical beauty is the most commonly discussed, it is what a person or thing looks like or is made to look like.

Natural beauty is similar to physical beauty, but is completely reliant on nature, such as a waterfall or canyon. There are few people that have the same kind of natural beauty as a mountain or flower.

Love beauty is mainly sponsored by oxytocin, mothers thinking their children are beautiful, husbands or boyfriends thinking their Significant Other is beautiful.

Internal, how beautiful a person or animals character is.

Which type do you think is most valuable or important, which should be improved, should any be improved?

In my opinion only internal beauty is worth paying attention to, because it is the only one that cannot be taken away or destroyed. We always have the choice of how to react to anything.

If you can think of any other types of beauty let me know, or can think of anything that would improve the discussion feel free to add.

-Everything has an exception.


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  • In my opinion, internal beauty is the most important. It accounts for what type of person you are and it's oh so much more important than looks, because looks fade.

    Physical beauty is initial attraction but won't account for anything if there's nothing to back it up.

    Natural beauty is a great thing to have, but still..looks fade.

    And love beauty is all about perspective, which I guess most of these things are really..but still.(:


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  • I agree. Internal beauty is very important. It's who are are as a individual, what you do etc. But here's the deal. No matter how much we try to work on our inner beauty the fact still stand that appearance is a large factor of many things. It's been proven so many times how people judge you on your outward appearance especially in the dating world. Guys want girls who are attractive for many reasons and same goes for girls I suppose. It's not fair at all. I've fallen into depression many times over my appearance because it's something you cannot ever change. You look a certain way and although you can change small things, you're face is your face. What you get is what you have to deal with. For the rest of your life.

    The best would be to focus on both area's. That's what I try to do. That way if people want to judge me they can. I did my best in doing what I can for myself and improving myself to fit into this world. Not saying people should fake anything. But you have to adapt to the environment. Looks are important but so is inner beauty as well.

    • Thank you for for responding XRabbitHeartX.

    • in your oppinion what would happen if people took a stand saying internal beauty was more important? also I know, for example, dove soap is trying to promote natural beauty. what if a major company took a stand for inner beauty, would that make a difference?

  • I like All but I find Inner Beauty the Best.

  • Inner beauty the most!


What Guys Said 1

  • girls will say inner guys will say outer

    girls can have personality w/o looks


    guys can't have personality w/o looks


    • Thanks for your input Suavaye, did you mean girls will not look at inner beauty in a guy?

      Or that guys will not look at inner beauty in a girl?

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    • thats interesting I always viewed it oppositely. although that seems more realistic. would you say there is a limit to that? for example, if a girl is a super bit** and super hot would people still try to overlook it?

    • i def would, bt I think tht it depends on the guy dealing with the bitch and how his situation is with the ladies

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