Ever felt like someone looks right through you?

Ok my question is , has any of you guys/girls felt like ,

you like somebody and you try to be closer to them and as you speak with them ,

time and time again , you always got the feeling that the other person did not ever look at you ,

I don't mean physically but like the other person was looking at you and you just feeling like she/he was looking right through you and never saw the real you .

Something like that and if you ever got that feeling then try to describe the situation and your feelings about it ,

I hope that you people can understand what I mean and don't find it a nuisance .


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  • No I know what you mean.. This guy still makes me feel like I'm invisible after over 2 years of knowing him. I mean we text and hang out...but emotionally he either can give a rats ass about me or he's blind. long storyyy but I feel youu on this


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