How is a man "good looking"?

Do you think its alright for all guys to believe that they are good looking despite that only a few will often get more stares, smiles, even more girlfriends than the rest of the guys?

I think even a short, skinny, non-fashionable guys are considered "good looking" and if anyone else says otherwise, they might as well not give a damn no?


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  • Yea, I believe every guy should have confidence in his appearance; even if he doesn't look like Brad Pitt / Ashton Kutcher or whatever the media puts out as hot.

    Plus, every guy has his own attractiveness; what one girl may not find particularly alluring, another may think he's absolutely the sexiest creature on Earth.


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  • Do you think its alright for all guys to believe that they are good looking?

    Do you think it's all right for all girls to believe their good looking?

    Apparently to most guys it's not because so many rant about the princess syndrome or entitlement complex.

    I think it's all right & should be mandatory for all guys to have confidence and a healthy self esteem.

    Plus people should be accurately aware of reality.

    They should think they're good looking but that some girls will find them good looking.

    I'd be okay with all guys thinking they're good looking if it weren't for the fact that it'd probably lead to entitlement.

    Most guys already think that being nice is enough & a girl should go out with any nice guy not just nice guys she's attracted to.


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  • Then you get stuck with people like studmuffin. I don't think a world full of him would bode well for anyone.

    • still isn't all guys entitled to believe/ know that they are good looking? after all, media is just deception

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    • yes its hard to consider yourself good looking under certain situations; say your in a party. at these situations, your limited to the number of girls hence if majority tells you your "not attractive" you might agree since people tend to believe in what quantity tells them. After all, its easier to believe when many people tell you something versus one person. But all you need is that assurance to know that someone else will find you attractive. This doesn't count in personality, etc. just physic

    • If 1 person out of 100 finds you attractive, that means 99 people don't. If 99% of people think you're ugly, guess what? You're ugly. You can only gauge your attractiveness based on others' opinions, because they can say it objectively.

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