Why is it that looking for a relationship is always bad?

why is it that when we look for a relationship nothing happens?


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  • because you're so desperate and so needy. and that comes off. guys can sense when you're like that and they run away from it.


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    • "We all know what we want in lover, and we all have an ideal dream lover designed and safely stored in our minds. If you go looking for love, chances are you will be looking for that checklist, and not a real person. And if that ideal lover does exist, you need to be open to whatever package they arrive in. If your standards are too high, you’re going to miss your chance. You may be dreaming of an MD, but McDonald’s might be putting them through med school." (from the article)

  • Maybe you're looking too hard and coming off as desperate. Just try to relax and have fun.


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