What's the male opposite of the question, How do I look?

Okay, if a girl asks a question like "How do I look?" then, I'm wondering if there are certain questions that guys ask quite often that could be interpreted the same way that you girls pick up on and maybe we guys don't?


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  • Haha, I know this one, the question we most frequently ask is "baby whats wrong?"

    theres always something wrong lol

    • Yes, but at least some of us ask it because we care.

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    • Man that's funny, because its true!

    • That is true. I wonder why it is that when you notice something is wrong with your girl and you show interest by asking "baby whats wrong" she replies "nothing" and then expects you to guess whats wrong. When you don't guess correctly she is more upset.

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  • Tell her she looks good no matter what, but then go more in depth, compliment something you honestly like, so for instance "baby you look great and those jeans look awesome on you" or even "i love when you do that with your hair" but please be sincere about it, we can tell when your bullshitting.

    And if she asks what looks better and you honestly don't know just say "I like (option A or B) but what do you think?" that always goes great cuzz not only do you think we look good but you actually care what we think too and we usually babble on from there which gets you out of the hot seat.


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