Any tips on boosting attractiveness?

It is all up there; I might not have the best looks; I am pretty sure I am not that bad looking, except if my mirror is a big fat lier! :p

Anyways my question is simple and it is all up there... Have fun


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  • Yes you are not bad looking at all :) So id say try to think positive and do things wich make you feel good about yourself( like exercise, building muscle-> getting healthy->getting confidence-> boosts your ego ina good way-> girls start to care more and more-> the more chill you are about it tho, the more they want you-> the more they want you the more confident you feel<-. it all starts from doing smthg what makes you feel good about yourself. And it can be ANY activity.

    My boyfriend is a super confident guy, and that is why I fell for him to begin with.


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  • I don;t know if this is true for other girls.

    but if a guy dresses nice and smells good

    it automatically makes him more attractive.


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  • knowing your worth something



    it works wonders

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