What should I do when my boyfriend still looks at pics of girls from his past!?

We have been dating nearly a year. We broke up for about a month and a half because he was obsessed about my past and couldn't not ask me questions. Well he is very insecure and always looking for reassurance. Today tho he told me he looked at his computer history and there were all these pictures of these two girls from his past, so I know he is looking at them and it hurts. He ran around a big when we were broken up with one of these girls but says he still was in love with me and tried to get me back and eventually did. So I am upset, he is doing this what should I say or do? Most guys wouldn't even tell but I think he likes me to be upset - shows I care or something? How concered should I be and what should I say to him when he brings up other girls or acts like they are more attractive than me!? Help please


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  • Disrespectful. Why would he care about the past when he got his future in his hands? You've got to talk to him and explain that this annoys you and understand why is he doing this.


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