Question for hairdressers: How do I get this style of hair to work for me?


...because I have really stubborn hair. And what I mean by that is that my hair is very straight and even when I curl it, beforehand put volumizing moose on and afterward I put hair spray, it still loosens up in about half an hour into it's natural straight state.

What do I do?

And how do I get that exact style from the pic? (my hair is a bit shorter than hers)

Thank you so much (:


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  • hairspray, volumizing moose, rough shampoo and no conditioner. But protect your hair and your ends.


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  • I'm not a hair dresser, but to get your straight hair like that your going to want it to be drier than normal, I would recommend washing your hair with shampoo only (no conditioner) then while it's wet, take pieces of hair and twist them, until you do all your hair, then maybe spray with some hairspray and let it air dry. Then undo the twist and style it. I wouldn't put any product that will weigh it down and make it oily, you want your hair to be light and dry.


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