GUYS how do you like girls to look?

I'm 17 years old ill be 18 in a couple months and I've had one boyfriend and I'm still a virgin and I Haven't even kissed a boy yet I feel like such a loser I want to have sex so bad and I want a boyfriend I asked boys out but they all said no I'm a little over weight and I always wear my hair up in a pony tail and I don't wear make up and I always wear t shirts

how can I be the girl every guy wants?

Guys how do you like girls to look?


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  • 1. You're a little overweight? Then lose a little weight - until you're at a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight cuts into your attractiveness. You'll also probably see a lot of guys saying that they "don't mind a girl being a bit overweight." They do - they're just trying to look sensitive, or maybe they don't realize that they do mind somewhat. I'm not saying being a bit overweight is a total deal killer, but losing that extra poundage will help.

    2. Pony tails can be sexy - if the girl is pretty skinny. Most girls can't pull off a good ponytail. Try letting it down.

    3. You don't wear makeup. Wear some makeup. Learn how to put on just a little bit - just enough to conceal some minor flaws you may have.

    4. T-shirts are common enough, so that's not a big deal.


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  • "how can I be the girl every guy wants?"

    Get that idea out of your head. Guys like different things. There is no generic way to be to get all guys. Be patient. Sex is just whatever, not that exciting, or so I am told. Don't be in such a rush to experience everything. You have a lot of time left.

  • well, first thing's first, you have to deal with the overweight thing, if they tell you that you're overweight. Also, maybe let your hair down? Once you have the figure you want, get some form-fitting clothes (jeans/t-shirts but not baggy). Not wearing makeup usually isn't a problem for me, I prefer to see a girls face the way it really looks.. But the main thing would be losing some weight which means eating whatever diet you want (I recommend fresh fruits/vegetables) and getting exercise (running, NOT walking, walking is useless). This will help your confidence a lot. Don't worry about being a virgin, you're not that old..

    • thanks and I'm 18 and I haven't even had my first kiss :/ lol my cousins 12 and kissed 3 boys

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    • i lost 20 lbs walking as long as your burning calories it doesn't matter how...

    • is that the only change you made, or did you also change your diet?

  • Start up on a diet and workout plan. It doesn't have to be drastic. I know a lot of girls who dropped a lot of weight just from eating right. I suggest looking up online for a diet that suits your style. Try wearing make up, but don't overdo it. I personally like when girls are confident enough with themselves to not have to cake on a bunch of makeup, but enough to show they want to look good for you.

    Don't worry about the virgin thing. I know everyone always says wait for the right guy and it will be worth it, but it's true. Find someone who will respect you and the fact your a virgin.

    Good Luck! ;)

  • You haven't kissed a boy. Well let's get it over with > I'll kiss ya. You sound like a sweetheart.

    Still a virgin. Sometimes it seems like few things attract guys to a girl more than knowing she's a virgin and they can get a crack at "being the first." Unfortunately it doesn't mean they give a damn about you - it's a ego thing. "Doing" a virgin.

    How can you be the girl every guy wants...? Well the last part of your message should give some hints you can TRY. It's no guarantee of course. Except for your age, which you can't change, listening to the way you describe yourself, you sounds awesome. I'd go out with you.

    But I'm OVER 18. Well.. Over 28. Okay okay over 38. I'm not going to be jailbait. But serious. You sound real sweet and if I knew you, lived near you and were a little younger, I'd go out with you. There's got to be someone around who realizes how wonderful you are. I wish you well.

  • Naked :D

    • lol

    • Find a guy that loves you for who you are and doesn't want to change you. Waiting for the right moment is worth it. Find something you love to do and make it your passion. You will be happier and give off a good glow attracting men. Who knows, you might find a guy who is also into your hobby as well.

    • true and thanks

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  • HEY HEY HEY. I was in the exact same situation. DONT just give that stuff away to anyone. I didn't have my first kiss til I was 18, and I'm still a virgin. Its just how it is, it sucks sometimes trust me, but if you wanna make yourself feel better then put on a bit of makeup or change your haircolor or something like that. ask your friends to help you out or something so they can see what would look best on you. Don't sweat the small stuff, it'll all be OK in the end:)

  • I know you asked guys, but here's my two cents on your problem:

    You sound like you're not too confident in yourself. You need to change that by taking better care of yourself. Don't think about what guys would want you to look like; ask yourself what you would like to look like. Do you want to be skinny? Then lose some weight, it's quite easy if you're motivated. Do you wanna have pink, blue or green hair? Then go ahead and dye it! Do you want to look and feel sexy? Then stop wearing tshirts and try on more flattering, form fitting clothes. Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is no one's stopping you from being the person you want to be.

    By finding your own look you will also gain self confidence and I guarantee you'll find that all of a sudden, guys will be asking you out and you'll be the one to turn them down. So stop trying to please them and start putting yourself first.

    Good luck! I hope that everything turns out just fine!


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