Why is there always one girl that is significantly more ugly than their friend?

You always see this, one girl with her best friend who looks completely dog ugly. Even if the other girl will not be that good looking herself, her friend is just scary in comparison.

Why is that? I have a theory that it's so the other girl can look better in comparison next to the ugly chick, what say you?


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  • I don't think it's a conscious things that girls do! Girls are friends with other girls because they enjoy each others' company. There may be some shallow people who think it boosts their chances having an ugly friend to be compared to, but most will be just as eager for their friend to hook up with someone nice as for they themselves to. I would much rather have a friend with me who could hold an interesting and funny conversation with any guys we met, and would make us seem interesting and fun to be with, whether she is better or worse looking than me - whatever! Girls just wanna have fun!

    • Im not talking about you, I'm talking about the girls that do this and it happens a lot so if you don't do it, fine, why do the girls that do it do it?

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  • Some people have their "designated fat friend" that they take with them so they look good. I see it all the time at the club scene.

    • thank you for being honest instead of dancing around the subject.

    • its the truth. Not saying I have specific friends that I go out with so I look prettier,c friends but I do have specific friends that I. Invite to the club because I know they don't dance and I need someone to watch the table full of drinks.

      I think there is a movie that explains the whole "designated fat friend" thing further.

  • Well I use to be so called "best friends" with this girl that I thought I knew.

    And well Honestly...she wasn't very attractive...I mean at all.

    She had loads of pimples that were like every where on her face. And she never dressed nice.

    But I really liked her because we always laughed about the craziest things together...and just had the best of times.

    I don't care what you look like...I'll hang out with you.

    It doesn't make my ego go up just because I'm with a person that doesn't look exactly like me.

    So for me...it doesn't make me feel more ugly...it doesn't make me feel more pretty.

    But that's just ME!

  • not really. everyone has ugly friends, except for the super gorgeous snobby girls that refuse to hang out with ugly people. I'm sure compared to some of my friends, I'M the ugly friend, but compared to some other friends, THEY'RE the ugly friend. I choose my girls based on personality, how well we get along and what we have in common. it's insulting to be with them because I'll look better in comparison. sure there are some shallow girls who do that, but it's rare and most of us aren't like that. realistically shallow girls only want to hang out with beautiful girls so they can be the group of pretty girls. I actually have some friends like this who hate hanging out with ugly girls because they say the ugly ones bring the rest of us down.

    • so there ARE some girls that specifically have ugly friends for that purpose?

    • yes there are a FEW, but most girls who that shallow won't go out with ugly friends in the first place. its more likely that the ugly friend and the pretty friend are friends by chance.

    • don't understand. Girls who are shallow enough to go out with an ugly friend, won't do it because they are shallow? But they are friends by accident so they are not shallow enough to be friends with an ugly girl? But there are girls out there that do it? please explain, Are there or are there not girls that go out with an ugly friend specifically to make themselves feel better. And why else do they do it?

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  • Groups of girls ALWAYS have one girl who's notably less attractive than the rest of them are, because that way they can feel better about themselves. Yes, women really are that shallow.


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