How many different styles do you have?

I noticed most girls have more than one style.

When I'm hanging out with friends my style is yoga pants and a tank top, something really relaxed. at school I wear cute blouses with jeans or skirts but nothing fancy. and on dates I wear my nicer dresses, skirts, and tops.

Do you girls do the same?

How about guys?

All the guys I know have two modes: causal and fancy (aka jeans and a t-shirt and dress pants and shirt or tux)


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  • For casual clothes I have:

    sexy - a lot of black, heels, tighter things

    comfortable - comfortable shoes usually high heel boots(most comfortable shoes I have ever worn), oversized things, knitwear, usually for winter, darker colours. (this is my favorite style)

    cute/preppy - Lighter colours, more pink, more colour, heels or flats

    For dressy clothes I have:

    Classy - long dresses (knee length or bellow) that show a feature off :P with heels.

    Cute - flowy dresses with heels.

    Slutty - (I do not dress like this often) shorter, tighter dresses with really high heels.

    what I wear usually depends on my mood and the amount of clothes I have that are clean :P Nice question btw.


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What Guys Said 2

  • yep, casual and fancy. Casual = dark jeans + some kind of graphic T + all stars

    fancy = dress shoes, black dress pants, some type of button shirt, black blazer, clip on and of course, my black pinstripe fedora. I go for the mobster look as long as I have to dress up, I want to look interesting

    • Your answer made me think of this: link

      Not to make fun of you, though. I really like fedoras. I have two of my own.

    • lol that was really funny. But seriously though, I do look like a mobster with the whole outfit, I don't usually wear the fedora without the suit/tie because it might look a little weird

  • thats bout it lol...

    we have some modes

    GQ - Casual Mode

    Prep Mode

    BUM Mode

    Swim trunk Mode

    Who The Heck Mode

    Emo Mode

    there are so many for boths sides. who the heck cares. if you look good in it. wear it


What Girls Said 4

  • I like to change around everyday, not according to event.

    However I'll dress nicer if going on a date to a restaurant.

    One day its like jeans and a t shirt, another day it's girly, another day it's designer, and then a band tshirt, and so on.

  • There's the "I'm not leaving my room look", the "F*** do I really have to get dressed and get groceries?" look, the "I should probably look presentable for public" look, and the "Gotta dress up, I'm going out tonight" look.

  • at home my style is usually shorts and a t-shirt, but at school since I've got diferent things, it can go from preepy to relaxed, to just sweatpants lol.

  • I agree with you on the point that guys only have two modes! haha

    I guess my style is a fusion of bohemian and classy (audrey hepburn inspired)

    I'm always drawn to florals and tribal patterns and leather (which makes my clothes 'bohemian' I guess) but I also love dressing sweet and classy (pearl earrings, high waisted skirts etc) <--i just realized that I own a lot of high waisted skirts, shorts and pants...


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