When I am near attractive people I feel like this huge monster with a massive head and body.

This sounds silly but when I am alone I think and feel like I am quite pretty/attractive however when I am near attractive people I feel like this huge monster with a massive head and body. Its worse when I like a guy a lot and am around him I just feel as though he is looking at me and thinking 'god what an ugly fat person' even if he is being nice to me. I used to get bullied at school and get called fat by boys so you do think it might stem from this? It surprises me when men/boys are friendly to me as well as I feel like unworthy of it because they are attractive, or that they are wasting their time as they could find someone a whole lot prettier/skinnier/friendlier than me. Also when I know a guy likes me it makes so uncomfortable and I don't know why and I feel there must be something wrong with him for liking me. especially if they are attractive. What do you think is wrong with me? Do you ever feel like that or do I need help of some sort?


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  • yes yes yes I am like this, just like this. its beacause of your past. I was constantly called ugly and I was fat and my classmates always made fun of me, 24/7. when I look at myself in the mirror at home I always look good, but when I see my reflection in a shop window or something, all I see is bad looking dude. what you need to do is somehow believe that you are good looking and boost your confidence. you need to stop caring how people see u, cause obviously the perception you have abt you is messed up.


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  • I love the title

    However I would need to see proof that this is real


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  • omg yes, I thought it was just me. I feel like at home when i'm getting ready my makeup is good and my hair is behaving, and then I step outside and I feel like a potatoe

  • I feel the same. I'll be in the house, getting ready and I see myself in the bathroom mirror (where I only see my face) and feel reasonably decent looking.

    I'll go to the bigger mirror and see how my clothes look on me and I think they look okay, I'll also bend down slightly so I can see my body + face, feel like I look decent.

    I'm out with friends, go past a reflection and suddenly I feel REALLY unattractive. And I have no idea, I don't think about my looks, just when I look in the reflection I don't feel very attractive. But my hair tends to need brushed again when I'm out and stuff.

    I can assure you, you are likely not a monster :) and I think we all have insecurities about our looks

    • Thats exactly me! I feel I look good in the house but when I step out outside and see my frinds/other girls I think 'why did I bother'. I suppose I just shouldn't think about it as much but sometimes it's all I can think off if you know what I mean.

    • my only advice is to not think about it, if I do I become self concious and a little upset. I've recently decided that as long as I'm happy, I shouldn't care how I look.

      Maybe its just my friends. Sometimes when I'm walking in the same place but they aren't there I feel decent. But my friends are awesome :L

      Just catches me off guard looking into my reflection thinking "bet I was looking like a right plum and that's why he looked at me strangely" ha ha so yeah, just don't think about it.

    • We probably care more than anyone else does :P

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