I recently got a tattoo on my foot and was wondering?

when I could possibly start wearing shoes and socks. I'm all about sandals, but when I work out I clearly need to be wearing shoes and socks. it will be a week on Wednesday. I've been doing other things to get some sort of a workout but wearing sandals or flats. so ill ride a bike or workout with a workout tape, but I'm itching to go running again! when should I be OK to do this again?


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  • The initial healing stage on a tattoo is about 2 weeks. But when it feels like the rest of your skin you ought to be fine to put shoes and socks back on. Its OK is the skin is raised a little but if the tattoo is rough or scabbed at all leave it alone.

    • great! sounds peachy. thanks!

  • I assume once the scab goes away, you're good.


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