How to maintain emo/scene hair, with African American hair?

I have recently gotten my hair done all emo/scene style, and I need to know how to maintain it like this, please keep in mind that I'm African American, so my hair is very different from other kinds of hair.


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  • Wait...did you chemically straighten it? If anything...tie your hair at night...with silk hair ties. If you straightened it...keep it out of water for a while until you straighten it again. Teasers can really damage your hair...if you use a gel..i recommend the eco styler


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  • Do you have a picture?

    • I ask because I need to get an idea of what your workin with; I'm black, got the same African kinks, and I'm a chick, so I know some tricks...but I gotta see the style first

    • No pictures yet, just got it done today...

    • Oh okay, can you reference it from google? You can do a white guy with a similar style. If not, describe it to me if you can.

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