How would I ask about job openings?

I'm 18 years old and still a student and would like to get a job over the summer preferably in retail or at a clothes store. How do I inquire about a job if they don't advertise online?

If anyone can answer about how they applied/obtained/asked about a job in the UK that would also be helpful.

Not sure if you guys care, but I got a job about 3 months ago, But it's only in term time at university. I'm now looking for a decent job over the summer.


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  • Like the girl simply go up to the clerk/cash register/customer service center and ask if you can talk to a hiring manager etc..they will give you an application and then you go from different than being asked out/asking out men..

    • Oh hey Mr.Dvd, it's stuck up bitch (if you remember) thanks for the advice, lol.

    • I see you at least have a good memory...even for being stuck up..You are welcome..Good luck!

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  • Call on the phone. Or if they are local, call into the store in person.

  • I think its hard because you just want to find a job in the summer vacation.

    You can find a job of noshery

    • I'll do that as a last resort, but thanks for the advice, :)

What Girls Said 2

  • "hi, Is the manager available? I am interested in employment."

    "Hi, my name is ... I was wondering if you where hiring for seasonal positions?"

    • Hmm, thanks, I should probably take a CV too.

    • Cv?

    • Yep, got one written. Just got to hand it to a few stores.

  • Just go to customer service and ask for an application.


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