Signs that he just wants sex or signs that he likes the girl

My sister and I were discussing the ways to tell if a guy is into you or if they just want sex. I told her that one thing I noticed is that if you and a guy were being intimate and he kisses you on the lips and /or looks you in the eyes (if just for a lil bit) then there's a good chance he may like you. But if he's every where but those two places and is more focused on getting IN than on you, its POSSIBLE he just wants sex.

But this is only an observation / opinion. I'm eager to hear other opinions or add ons.


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  • Well, I haven't been intimate with a guy, but it does feel good when they are kissing you and look you in the eyes. But I won't necessarily say that means he likes you. Maybe he just did so, but it doesn't have to mean that.

  • I think this also depends on the guy because some guys KNOW that girls want them to pay attention to them, and they figure if they do then that's a quick way in her pants.