My momma used to say that when I stop looking for a boyfriend, that's when I'd find someone?

that when I stop looking for a boyfriend then that's when I'd find someone. That it would just dawn on me that I liked some guy that has been under my nose all the time.

But if I had truly stopped looking then I wouldn't have been open to being set up with a guy one of my friends knows.

So if you stop looking then maybe all that will happen is you miss opportunities?

Basically, what is your thoughts on this?


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  • In theory that can happen, but as far as plans go it's a pretty lame one.


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  • its the truth


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  • Bullsh*t.

    That's like saying "One day your prince charming will come if you be a good girl and sit in your dungeon and knit".

    It's bullsh*t. You want a guy, you get up your ass and you look for one you like. Guys aren't supposed to do all the work.

    • I like the way you think...

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    • Don't give up. Seriously. It'll happen for you.

    • I haven't gave up :) I've been talking to a guy online and its been going well and he's flirted :L but my friend says she was told he doesn't date... I don't think he's been in a relationship either though and I really am hoping that's what was meant by him not dating

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