What does my hair say?

Does a specific hair lenght define how smart she is?

Does it define how fun she is?Will it match with her personality?

Do you think hair defines how sexuallly freaky a girl is going to be in bed?

If her hair looks like a mess most of the time does it mean something for you guys?

Do guys like it better combed back in a ponytail? or let loose?

Can hair be a deal breaker?

Does color matter? how about crazy colors?


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  • From hair care articles I've read that your hair describes in what kind of condition your body is, for example if your healthy and maintain a healthy diet along with exercise your hair shows it off by being shiny, strong, and split- end free. On the other hand if you don't it'll be lifeless and brittle,..and we don't want that. So hair does reflect a persons health overall.<3

  • I don't think so...but it might give off an impression. If you have carefree loose curls you might look like the fun type of girl


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