Is being an obvious flirt a good thing?

Is flirting very obviously a good thing? I always hold back from flirting cause I'm scared I'll look desperate or something.


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  • I have the same problem...

    What I've learned is if you don't make it obvious the person you like may never notice..

    Get out there and show your stuff.. But be yourself.

    Trust me not all guys will think your desperate.. In fact not very many will think you are..

    Besides if you look desperate.. You look like your being desperate for use because you like us..

    So go for it..


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  • yes it is because guys are terrible at reading hints esp subtle ones. so being obvious is good

  • no you don't look desperate, you show u're self-confident

    • I agree with this woman. You are on the right track girl. Go for what you want. ;)

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