Styles of music in the 1900s?

What were the styles and what was popular in the 1900s. Were the new styles considered bad?


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  • 1900-1920 - Classical, Ragtime, and Marches, Big Band

    1920 - Jazz became hugely popular

    1940s/50s - Rock & Roll

    1960s - Beatles.

    1970s - Metal/Rock

    1980s - Metal, early Pop, Hip Hop, Rap

    1990s - Era of the Boy/Girl bands, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

    Basically everything was considered bad following rock and roll... Boomers loved it, the older generations hated it, Boomers hated Metal, when Jazz turned into more of it's wilder areas (late Miles Davis/Funk/Bebop) it started losing people, and basically became those who live for the big band era, and those who enjoy the newer stuff. Tons of people hate rap and don't really consider it music, granted, most pop now-a-days barely extends past a single pentatonic scale or one octave. What's good and bad is subjective anyway - most everything from the sixties until now is still on the radio, so that's good for people trying to make money, regardless of whether it's like-able music or not.

    Also, that's very basic break-down, and a lot of those decades aren't set in stone for styles, groups here and there would extend into other decades, but that seems to be the general gist of it, last I knew


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  • well in the 1970's and the 1990's something came out of those decades know as the best music ever recorded. Think Pink Floyd and Alice in Chains. Now your wonderful jazz doesn't seem that great any more

  • I think metal was popular in that time period. Especially around 1910.


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  • early 90s- new jack swing

    dance music, like amber, haddaway, cece peniston

    adult alternative

    boy bands and girl groups

    early 90s- gangsta rap, mid to late 90s- party rap


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