What length of skirts look best on a beautiful petite filipino chinese girl?

I know this beautiful chick and she is a Christian so she dresses modestly. I was wondering what length is best for her.


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  • Mid thigh or just above the knee? I don't know if that is modest enough for her though.

    • i highly doubt she wants anyone to see her in any skirt mid thigh. maybe when she is at home but that is it. she's too modest to be flaunting her assets everywhere. I could never imagine her wearing anything extremely short and revealing. she's a reallly really good girl and will always be that way. this isn't to say that she doesn't make herself attractive and pretty, that she does but she doesn't have to dress immodestly to achieve this. thanks for the input tho.

  • I don't see why flilpino chinese is important but whatevers

    i would say maxi since it's so in style this season


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