Should I do my hair to look like Zooey Deschanel's?

Look at this picture of her at age 17...

It looks a lot like me...With the pale skin, button nose, blue eyes, face shape and that strange brassy hair color link

This is her now... link

Should I rock the choppy bangs and dark hair? I could do it right now since I bought this dye... link

I thought I would ease myself into the brown color before I go super dark



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  • yeah go with the dark brown and gray/blue eyes look, very sexy.


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  • Well , she looks cute , but how are we supposed to tell you if you should (we don't know what you look like , so we could not really imagine if it would look good on you . ) I would say , go for it if you like it and see how it goes .

    • this isn't a good picture of me, but it was the only one I have at the moment, my hair is actually dyed light red...but its really dark in this picture also, I'm much paler and actually wear makeup ^.^ there's your example link

    • I guess that it would look fine on you (I'm not the best for hair styles through :P ) . By the way I think that your pic is nice :)

What Girls Said 2

  • I think it looks amazing on her, and if you look enough like her it should look just as good on you.(:

  • You should totally do it! Darker hair will definitively give you an edgier look (if that of course is what you are looking for). Good luck!


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