I'm looking for a bad ass funny movie with crime, kind of similar to the show weeds. Suggestions?

Im looking for a badass funny movie with crime, kind of similar to the show weeds. Suggestions?



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  • The boondocks saints is a pretty funny movie.

    • lol I came across that one a few times but it says crime action on imdb. is the 2009 sequal only funny or should I watch both?

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    • I watched the first half of it...perfect

      here are some similar movies to return the favor

      Rockn rolla

      Four rooms

      Seen them?

    • No, but I'll be sure to check them out.

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  • Try crank, that movies pretty badass and funny. The dudes also an assassin, hope that's criminal enough for ya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9DDIdaA7GA

  • Machete was awesome! Badass but, not really like weeds...and who can forget Pineapple express? Both are good :)

    • hehe thanks I watched pinapple express and had a lot of fun with it (back when I used to smoke, ahh I miss those days lol) I don't know about machete it seems like it would be really funny but I tried watching it and its so graphic and filled with blood. as a girl, how can you watch it? just curious

    • I loved the blood and guts! It was my favorite part...almost comical. It reminded me of an 80's horror flick! I don't know? I have been asked that before but, I love gross scary movies :)

    • I see, well I guess some people like that

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  • "Badass." That's the title. It has Nicolas Cage in it if you like him as well.

    • yeah I'm a big fan of nicholas cage and I know about every single one of his movies so go waste your pathetic time trolling someone else sucka

    • Go f*** yourself, asshole. I was just suggesting something, jackass.

    • Correction: "Kick-Ass."

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