Ever been with someone who was hot, but years later when you see them again they look totally different?

Whether it was a former girlfriend or just a hookup & when you were with them they were hot. But see them a couple years later & they look totally different because they gained weight?

I was at the mall with my current girlfriend when she came up to talk to me & I couldn't believe she was the same girl. I feel a little bad but I was kinda embarrassed.


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  • don't people's goodness (as in their personality or character) shine through to you?

    For me, if a person is really beautiful but then they are a evil or wicked person then they look ugly to me.

    If a person is not so good looking but they are really nice to me, for some reason their beauty shines through to me.

    You should get to know your girlfriend's character and her beauty might shine to you. If not and you're not willing to look past skin deep then just dump her.

    • No, I'm not talking about my current girl. A girl I knew over 2 years ago we ran into. And yes I always look at a persons character & have turned girls away because I didn't like their personality. That's why I felt kind of bad

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