How to talk to women? tips on having more confidence?

I just moved to a new city I'm trying to meet new people in general, but when it comes to women I get extremely shy and nervous, for example the other day I started talking to a girl online, we went out for coffee she braught a friend, it was horrible lol, I was barely even talking,. I laughed @ a few things she said other then that I was sooo serious. Every time I try talking to a beautiful women I freeze up, I get serious & I end up looking stupid just sitting saying nothing, when I do talk I have trouble saying what I want I keep stumbling over my words, another big prob is that I have trouble listening & paying attention to what she says especially if we're in a public place. I need to focus on her but how? I'm a mess when it comes to women I know, lol. so if anyone could pls help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. thx:)


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  • First of all. Why the hell did she bring a friend on a date! ^^ Haha.

    Ok listen dude. The all serious and can't say anything nice happens because you are bit nervous. And especially when you are nervous you can't quite focus on the person who is talking. What you need to do is act like yourself and don't think the beautiful women as more special and other people are. They are still quite the same people as rest of us but they just have bit of looks. Try hard to not think about how they look and try harder to socialize with them. But hey! Dude! Atleast you went on the date so that shows that you ain't compleately closed inside!

    So just chill and meet more often different women. The confedence will show up eventually! Trust me.

    Take care!

  • I think this can really help you out man. link

    confidence is all about knowing who you are and understanding your value. Understanding your comfort level and how to interact with women will boost your confidence. I highly suggest going to the link have a blessed day.

    Daniel Yung