Would this be considered flirting?

My ex stole my shoe from me and put it on top of his car and then took my other shoe and put it there and then threw it at me (not hard, like a light tap) when I wasn't paying attention to him and tried to open the door when my feet were on it. He kept making comments about how I was being awkward in the corner just because I had periods where I wasn't talking. He also said I made up being allergic to bug spray just for attention (he knows I actually am.) He also purposely put on a song that he knows that I hate which he always seems to do every time I see him and only when I'm around! He also always smiles at me when we talk. Or at least, most of the time.


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  • What do you want to know tho? He's your ex, so it could be playing, annoying you to get your attention etc, but do you want him to get back with you? Does it matter what he's doing?

    • Well, obviously I want him if I am even noticing it but I don't want to think something that is not true so an outside view would be helpful to straighten me out, ya know? Cus if I'm wrong, I'm wrong but if I'm right, then ok

    • don't be afraid of being wrong or right. Flirt back, spend some time together. Mayb you'll find out soon.

  • It seems to me like he is flirting. lol...He must clearly still like you.


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