Guys, what makes a girl pretty?

Other than she "cares about how she looks," cause most of us do care how we look for the most part :)


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  • looks is what initially attracts the guy, there won't be a relationship if they are not physically attracted to each other right, so you could say that is important. But you need to have a personality which suits the guy. For example a shy guy will be instantly attracted to an out going girl(for me anyway hehe). The personality is major!


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  • Well being pretty is based off looks. How else could a girl be pretty in your opinion or say an example.

    • Humanity is attracted to symmetry in physical features.. so I guess I'm asking about what else makes a girl pretty besides her natural symmetry. :)

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    • Don't be sorry, you've given an answer, that's all I ask :)

    • Oh alright.

  • I honestly don't know anymore. My radar is pretty damn random.

  • For me it's



    Overall Looks

    Clothes She wears

    Hair style



    Feminine Voice

    Feminine shoulders

    • Basically, what makes a girl a girl ... :) that's cute!

  • There's a number of things that make a girl pretty for me, but what I notice first is a nice smile (genuine smile, the kind that lights up a room. not an awkward forced smile.)

    everyone is different and what makes a girl pretty for one person won't necessarily apply for someone else.

    I think the most important thing is to just be yourself and not over do it. too much make up in my opinion doesn't make someone pretty. nothing wrong with a bit, but when you can clearly see they have too much, it's a bit of a turn off for me.

  • So then what about the girls who do not...?

    • I would venture to say they don't exist or abide in mental institutions ;)

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    • Because you know I am right...and you do not want to admit it...I am allowed to comment how I want...where I want...when I is a free site...and a free country...get over it!

    • Right about what? As a girl we naturally try to make ourselves look better, even if it manifests itself in the smallest of actions. Quit being an a**hole.

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