Would you buy a bright yellow dining table with aqua chairs?

Would you buy a bright yellow dining table with aqua chairs? I'm thinking of getting it.


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  • Sounds awesome! I'd so go to your place just to see how you've worked it into the whole room.

    The thing you need to remember here is that the walls match (not the same colors, maybe just complementing colors), that you have a couple of things that are the same color as those chairs and the table. -this means spending more money, or getting really creative with a brush and some paint. Oh man, sounds cool. I wish I could actually help you in person. Sounds so fun.


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  • Lol, I totally would. That sounds like exactly my kind of thing. =P It would also depend on the overall STYLE of the furniture, but I really like how the set sounds just with the colors. Do you have pictures of it?

    • No :( I just saw it the other day when I was looking for a smaller dining table and chairs and there it was. Pretty cool if I may say so myself. Haha

    • GET IT, haha. I would snag that s.hit up so quick. =P

  • hell yeah... or id got thrifting or vintage shops and spray it the colors I want

  • Is it like a vintage look? If it makes ya happy, go for it :D

    • Yep. Chairs are chipped, which I find cool and the table is round with these little details (all the same color) engraved.

  • depends what it looks like. could be interesting


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