What is your attachment style?

I can't attach links but if you go to wikipedia and search 'attachment in adults' you will get a good basic description. I am guessing most of us on here are in one the three negative styles or we wouldn't be on here.

I am a dismissive-avoidant. I wish I knew how to get over it so I can have a healthy relationship. I have a habit of seeing guys as easily replaceable.


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  • Interesting question...

    None of them fit me exactly. I guess I'm like a cross between "Dismissive–avoidant attachment" and "Secure attachment." I don't like depending on other people because I'm not used to it. The only parent I grew up with was my mother and she usually left me to my own devices. So I've gotten used to depending on myself. But I don't have any problems with close relationships and getting attached to people. I love my boyfriend very deeply and I like the intimacy we share. If there was somebody I could depend on, it's definitely him.

    • I can see little bits of myself in the other three as well, even secure-attachment but I definitely fall into the dismissive-avoidant one the most.

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    • Maybe you just haven't met the right guy yet... What is it that makes you see guys as easily replaceable?

    • Maybe. It's mostly the attachment style that makes me see guys that way but the fact that I meet a lot of friendly, interesting and good looking guys that are interested in me all the time does not help my situation at all.

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