Reflexively avert my eyes?

I'm relatively social and have no problem talking with most people. However, if I make eye contact with an attractive girl, I reflexively avert my eyes before I have a chance to will myself to maintain the contact. It's frustrating! Any tips on how to break the habit? Thanks.


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  • Practice looking directly into her eyes. Count purposefully to five (in your mind; if you do it out loud she'll just look at you and walk off, lol), then look at some other part of her face. Count to five again, then look back into her eyes.

    That's about it. You may need a bit of practice doing this at first, but it's pretty fool proof, with guaranteed results. ;-)


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  • Make eye contact with anyone who walks by, attractive or not, and hold their gaze long enough for you to be conscious that you're staring at them and look away. If you get into that habit, the next time an attractive girl comes around, you should already be in the habit of purposefully looking at someone and go from there.

  • haha that's goofy :)

    look at her hair line then if you want to as you talk to her more go lower and lower until you reach her eyes, by then you'll feel very comfortable with her

    just don't go down to far then she'll be offended


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