Hey guys do you do this?

Ok so I was just wondering (and yes I know every guy is different but if you could just answer for youself that would be great) if you hold eye contact with girls who you are not attracted to or is that something that you only do when you are attracted to a girl? I am talking about extended eye contact here. (longer than in usual conversation) Also, do you guys read into this or even notice this behavior?

hey thanks!


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  • extended eye contact is a definite sign that someone is interested in you. also, they watch for YOUR eyes, locking on theirs. just like the lions in the jungle, ya gotta keep yer eyes on the game. I have a girl right now I want to date, and we lock eyes constantly. if she didn't do it back, I'd think she wasnt interested. we have known each other for about 15 years, but have not ever really been friends, but we have talked a fair amount. it's kind of like jousting. it goes back and forth. I hate that part of the game. she's drivin me nuts, and, she knows it. read my question (i've only got one posted), and help me out too! he he

    the eyes are the gateway to the soul. if they don't want to look you in the eyes, they probably are not interested, and you should move on.

    yeah,. every guy reads into that too.

    hope that helps!

    • What if I smile while we hold eye contact and then he grins back at me?

    • Duh................ but do you want to keep doing that for another couple of months??? that sucks, doesn't it??

      you are going to have to take a little initiative with this guy if you really want him. did you read the question I posted? read it, and the follow ups. might help you too. give me your take on the situation too.

    • Ok thanks. I commented on yours.

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  • Yeah, I try to pay special attention with what I'm doing with my eyes. (like not letting her catch me looking at another girl, not that I do it anyway!) I don't know if I try to not have long eye contact with a friend, I don't really care as much when she is just a friend. I do though pay extra attention when it's with a girl I'm interested in. When we have a conversation I make every effort to focus in on her. I want to show her that I'm interested in what she has to say and that I care. Also so she doesn't think I was just being passive with my eyes and perhaps glancing at other girls, I just don't want to leave any room for suspicion you know. I don't really have much extended contact outside of a convo with her, occasionally but not often. I just don't do a lot of staring to begin with so it probably limits that. Anyways, hope I helped you out, let me know! =)

    • Hey thanks that is helpful. So would you say it's a safe bet that a guy likes someone that he does try to maintain eye contact with? And smiles in the process?

    • Most definitely, you got it! =)

    • Thanks!

  • yeah, its the moment when you say "i realy want to get to know u" or I'm just totally loving ur eyes

    • So are you saying that you only do this with women that you are attracted? Not to just anyone?

    • Yup!

      wots the point, and only so she can notice it, if I dnt want her to notice it ill look away straight away (shyness)

      but yeh, and mostly before I kiss someone

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