Seem to have all the pieces but find it very hard attract girls? opinions?

I have an frustrating problem,

I have worked on improving myself for the last few years and have gotten very far in my career, friendships, etc.

however there is one thing that just not gotten any better - attraction from the opposite gender.

I am 25,

Make 72,000 a year

Own my Own House

Take Care of my body (I lift weights and run)

Dress very well (I have to for my job).

Have pretty good social skills (I am not super smooth talker but I don't think you need to be).

With all these things, I Am having a very tough time attracting women. What the hell gives? I thought it at least be a little easier.

Honest input please...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why do you have such a hard time attracting women? I'd be crazy about a guy like you.

    • Haha yeah...

      I don't know. it's the million dollar question

    • What do you look like? That is the only thing I can think of that could be holding you back. That, and maybe you aren't trying and are waiting for girls to approach.

    • Well, that is where I might have a problem.

      I look very young for my age...I look like I am around 22 or 21, and have a "Babyface". not just any baby face, but an extreme baby face

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  • maybe you're just not looking in the wrong places lol could you magically make yourself 18? ;)


What Guys Said 1

  • Where are you trying to meet women? Clubs are for people wanting a hook ups. My advice would be go check out some clubs, classes, or local event that women might attend.

    • That is true, I have not met much new women in the past 3 years. I have lingered mainly around work, the occasional bar outing. I have not many new people through friends or social events.

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